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AN ANNUAL COUNCIL TAX BILL WILL BE ACCEPTED.ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS MUST BE DATED WITHIN 90 DAYS OF THE HRE DATE. THE ADDRESS NAME ON YOUR LICENSE MUST MATCH BOTH DOCUMENTS  Whilst we make every effort to make your motorhome holiday as easy and carefree as possible, we must apply the following terms and conditions, in order to protect both the hirer and the company. The company reserves the right to  amend these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions should be agreed to and signed for prior to commencement of the hire.  

1. DRIVER(s) Drivers must:- A. Be between the age of 25 and 75 years of age at the time of booking, and during the hire period. B. Only named drivers are permitted to drive the vehicle C. All named drivers must be present at time  of hire and produce required documents as stated below D. have held a full licence for a minimum of 2 years with driving experience. E. have licences free of driving offences/accidents except for minor speeding/parking offences.  (Subject to acceptance by insurer) up to 3 points maximum. F. provide original licence documentation at the commencement of the hire. G. provide 2 other forms of ID, showing proof of address, dated within the preceding three  months, will be required prior to the commencement of hire. E.g. utility bill, bank or credit card statement, council tax bill etc. H. complete our Driver’s Declaration Form, and submit it to us a minimum of 7 days prior to the  commencement of hire. (Hirer’s with a UK licence must supply driving licence & national insurance numbers, to allow details to be accessed on the DVLA website) I. declare anything that may affect the insurance of the vehicle. E.g.  previous driving bans, health issues etc. J. ensure that all passengers are wearing seatbelts where fitted, and where required by law. Additional drivers, and drivers with other convictions will be considered, but will only be accepted at  the discretion of our insurer, and may incur additional charges. Please contact us for details. The Hirer, (you), will be liable for all expenses, fines, etc, incurred due to violation of traffic laws, regulations etc.  

2. BOOKING PROCEDURES A. A booking deposit of £250 is required at time of booking. This will be deducted from the total hire charge at time of paying the balance. This deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. B. Hiring the motorhome for more than 14 days will require an increase of deposit; this would be another £150 totalling £400 C. Telephone bookings can be made. D. Booking deposits must be received within 5 days of confirmed  booking. E. Confirmation of your booking will be sent to you by e-mail with an invoice for the hire charges. F. Payment must be made in full at least 42 days prior to commencement of hire. Bookings made less than 42 days from date  of hire, must be paid in full at time of booking. G. In the event of the motorhome being booked within the 42 days of hire commencement then the full amount must be paid.  

3. INSURANCE A. Comprehensive Insurance for the vehicle is included in the hire charge. This does not include internal fixtures, fittings and equipment, or any Optional Equipment that may have been added. B. It is advisable to take  out additional insurance to cover personal possessions as they are not included in the motorhome insurance. C. Use of our motorhomes outside the UK and Republic of Ireland is not permitted. D. In the event of the motor policy being  invalidated because of non-disclosure of relevant facts, the company, (us), will hold the hirer, (you), responsible for all losses, fines and any other eventualities. E. There is an insurance excess of £800. A VEHICLE DAMAGE EXCESS  (VDE) deposit of £800, shall be taken at the commencement of the hire to cover any damage or loss for any one incident or accident whilst the vehicle is on hire to you and in your care. The VDE will be returned within SEVEN  

WORKING DAYS from the end of the hire, provided there is no damage, shortages or incurred surcharges and fines. F. In the event of any damage resulting from the actions of a third party, for which we are able to reclaim the  excess, the VDE shall be returned to you once we have recovered this excess. G. The motorhome is only insured for the hire period, ie. agreed collection date & time and return date & time. If you are likely to be late in returning, you  must contact us immediately by telephone, in order that we can make the necessary arrangements.  

H. Driving of the vehicle after the expiry time of the hire, may result in the driver committing a traffic offence and subsequently liable to prosecution under Road Traffic Acts. Furthermore, the hirer, (you), will be responsible for any  accidental damage, injury and consequential loss after the expiry of the hire period. I. Items NOT COVERED under the insurance, and which are the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the hirer, (you), are:- • Windscreen and all other  windows/skylights • Loss/damage/theft to the radio, television, stereo equipment, solar panel and aerials • Interior damage including; burns to seats, carpets, and other damage • Vandalism and malicious damage of any kind to the  vehicle • Personal effects within or from the vehicle • Roof and overhead damage resulting from an incident or accident. Please note that roof and overhead damage is defined as that above 2.82 metres, (or 9’ 3”), above ground level.  All drivers must be aware of the height/length/width and maximum payload of the vehicle and are responsible for all damage if driven under/through an obstruction that is too low or not wide enough for it to clear – examples being low  bridges, height restrictions barriers, trees, signs etc. In the event of such damage occurring, THE INSURANCE WILL NOT APPLY and the hirer, (you), will be liable for the costs of all repairs, damages, and subsequent losses. Height  2.82 metres Length 7.38 metres Width 2.68 metres Maximum payload 3500 kg Unladen weight 2992 kg Payload 508 kg J.The hirer will be liable for any damage made to the hire vehicle up to the sum of £5000 before an insurance  claim may be made.  

4. COLLECTION & RETURN Standard Times – The motorhome is available for collection between 2pm & 6pm, (14.00hrs and 18.00hrs), on the first day of hire, and must be returned between 9.30am & 12AM (09.30hrs and  12.00hrs), on the last day of the hire. Other arrangements can be made, but these must be agreed in advance, and are subject to availability of vehicles. A. Failure to return the motorhome within the agreed time on the last day of the  hire shall incur a LATE RETURN PENALTY of £50 per hour or part thereof, together with any other costs incurred, including any compensation payable to the subsequent hirer. B. No refunds will be given if the motorhome is returned  early. C. Upon return of the motorhome a representative of the company will check the vehicle for damage, cleanliness, shortages, fuel, tyres, washroom area, kitchen area, and any additional hired equipment. D. Prior to moving the  vehicle you( the hirer) must complete a full inspection and handover with us ( MORPETH MOTORHOME HIRE) to identify any damage or missing items as additional damage or missing items at the end of the rental period will incur charges. E. The vehicle will be handed over in a clean condition and should be handed back in a similar standard as any additional cleaning may result in additional charges.  

5. ACCIDENTS AND BREAKDOWNS A. Whilst we assure you that every effort is made to ensure that the motorhome is in a safe and roadworthy condition prior to the period of hire, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, the vehicle is  covered for roadside assistance, and recovery 24/7. If necessary, recovery will be back to the home address of Morpeth Motorhome Hire. B. We will not be held responsible for any consequential expenses or losses, eg. hotel or  transport costs, or any 3rd party claims or damages, subsequent to any breakdown of the motorhome. C. The hirer, (you), may authorise repairs and replacements up to £100 pounds (£100) on approval and will be reimbursed upon  providing us with a valid VAT receipt for said repairs/replacements. D. Please note that where the company, (we), incur costs through negligence on your part, any charges incurred by the company will be passed on to you. Incidents  of negligence include, but are not limited to, incorrectly refuelling vehicle, locking the keys inside vehicle, losing keys. E. All accidents/incidents resulting in damage or loss, must be reported to the company immediately, for further  instruction. This should include all details of the accident/incident, and all parties, witnesses and vehicles involved, should be noted on the forms, and returned to us upon termination of the hire. Should the damage to the vehicle  require specialist repair we may require you to return the vehicle prior to the scheduled end of hire.  

F. Morpeth motorhome hire supplies a fire extinguisher and must only be used in the event of a fire or emergency. Misuse of these will incur a charge see below.  

6. DIESEL, FUEL AND CAMPING GAS: A. A full tank of diesel will be provided with the vehicle at commencement of the hire. You are required to return with a full tank. Any shortage will be charged at a rate of £2.00 per litre. B. The  hirer will be responsible for all associated costs of incorrectly refuelling the vehicle, eg. fuelling with petrol instead of diesel. C. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check that the oil and water levels of the engine, and tyre pressures, are  correct on a daily basis, these will be checked prior to rental. D. 2 propane gas cylinders are provided, one full, and the other part full. In the unlikely event that you run out of gas, please replace one cylinder at a garage or campsite.  (The same make/supplier of gas should be purchased – we will not reimburse the cost of a new cylinder.) Bring the vat receipt to us at the end of the hire period, and we will fully reimburse the cost of one bottle of gas.  

7. ADDITIONAL CHARGES Our motorhomes and equipment are supplied in the best possible condition, and we ask that you maintain that standard and return the vehicle in a similar condition as received. Cleaning materials and  equipment are supplied with the vehicle to facilitate this. Should the vehicle not be returned reasonably clean, we reserve the right to make charges against the VDE taken from you at the commencement of the hire, including  replacement costs. Additional Charges:- Toilet cassette not empty and clean £50 Shower/Toilet compartment not clean £30 Fridge/Freezer not empty and clean £20 Cooker Hob, Oven Grill not clean £20 Damaged or punctured  tyre(s) £ replacement or repair cost Windscreen, windows, skylights, or lights damaged, chipped, or cracked £ replacement cost Bike rack damage £ replacement or repair cost Misuse of fire-fighting equipment £ replacement cost  Aerial damage £ replacement or repair cost Please note that this above list does not fully reflect all additional charges but is a representation of the most common incidents. You (the hirer) is responsible for any costs incurred under  the hire period for any damage or missing items above the cost of the deposit (£800) and should be paid within 7 days of repair or replacement You (the hirer) will be required to pay for recovery of vehicle through negligence and any  costs involved to return the vehicle back to the condition at handover.  

8. CANCELLATIONS Cancellations must be in writing and are charged as follows: • More than 42 days prior to commencement of hire – Loss of deposit. • From 14 to 41 days prior to commencement of hire – Loss of deposit + 50% of  the hire cost. • Less than 14 days prior to commencement of hire – Loss of the full hire cost. The Company reserves the right to cancel the hire if at the commencement of the hire the driver’s licence(s) are invalid or do not meet our  terms and conditions for hire. In these circumstances the total hire charge will be forfeited. Hirers are strongly advised to insure against any unavoidable cancellation. Due to Covid 19 and in exceptional circumstances deposits can be  carried forward for a maximum of 12 months in the event of cancelation please contact for further information.  

9. SMOKING Smoking or vaping within the motorhomes is strictly forbidden. Failure to comply will result in a £150 charge.  

10. DOGS/ANIMALS are NOT permitted in the motorhomes WITHOUT prior consent and with a supplementary charge of £50. Should additional cleaning be required because of damage caused, this will be deducted from the security  deposit.  

11. AVAILABILITY Every effort will be made to ensure that the motorhome reserved is available. However, if due to circumstances beyond our control the vehicle is not available, we will in no way be held responsible. We will  endeavour to supply a similar replacement vehicle, failing which all monies paid to the company will be refunded. The company, (we), reserve the right to vary the rates and conditions at any time and to cancel or refuse hire to any  person without explanation or prior warning.  

12. INTENDED METHOD OF PAYMENT Credit Card/Debit Card/ bank transfers are all accepted methods of payment. (We cannot accept American Express) In order to expedite the handover of the vehicle on collection day, we may  request that you contact us the day before your hire to give us details of your payment method for the VEHICLE DAMAGE EXCESS. Payment will not be taken until the day of hire.  

13. WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING ON THE HIRE DAY? (For Each Driver) A. Valid Driving Licence B. International Drivers Permit (if applicable) C. Valid Passport or National ID card (Photo ID) D. 2 documents with proof of address  dated within the preceding 3 months – E.g. utility bill, bank or credit  

14. COVID 19 REQUIREMENTS The motorhome will be disinfected and covers placed on the steering wheel and gearstick that must be removed prior to departing. Morpeth Motorhome Hire follows guidelines to protect you (the hirer)  against Covid 19 and supplies signage and hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes for your protection.  

15. EQUIPMENT USAGE It is you (the hirers) responsibility to follow the instructions given at handover for use of tv/ heating controls/master switch/ Gas/cassette toilet/cooker and fridge use, any damage due to negligence will incur  charges for repairs or replacement.  

16 MOTORHOME USAGE The motorhome must not be used for any other purpose than that stated in the rental agreement this includes being used for festivals etc unless already agreed in the rental agreement prior to use  17. TRACKER The vehicle is fitted with a tracker and in the event of any misdemeanour we may retrieve information for any legal authorities requirements 

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